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book series “Gender Studies”

Book series Gender Studies was founded in 2001 under the sponsorship of J.D. and K.T. Macarthur Foundation

The Chair of the series Gender Studies is Irina Zherebkina

editorial board of the series “Gender Studies”

Rosi Braidotti
Olga Voronina
Yelena Gapova
Elizabeth Grosz
Tatiana Zhdanova
Yelena Zdravomyslova
Tatiana Klimenkova
Igor Kon
Theresa de Lauretis
Juliet Mitchell
Miglena Nikolchina
Natalia Pushkareva
Joan Scott
Anna Temkina
  • Duby G., Perro M (g.ed.), Pantel P. (v. ed.) (2005) A History of Women in the West. Volume I. From Ancient Goddesses to Christian Saints / translated version ed. by . Pushkareva. Sankt Peterburg: Aletheia, 600 p.
  • Alpern, L. (2004) Dream or Reality of Women Prison. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 446 p. + 32 ill. p. (in Russian)
  • Rabzhaeva, M., ed. (2004) Reading Gender in Different Ways. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 384 p. (in Russian)
  • Kletsina, I. (2004) Psychology of Gender Relations. Theory and Practice. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 408 p. (in Russian)
  • Kristeva, J. (2003) Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 256 p. (translated from English)
  • Butler, J. (2002) The Psychic Life of Power: Theories in Subjection. Kharkiv: KCGS, Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 168 p. (translated from English)
  • Zherebkina, I. (2002) Womens Political Unconscious. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 224 p. (in Russian)
  • Introduction into Gender Studies. Part 1. A Reader. Kharkiv: KCGS, Zherebkina, I. ed. (2001), Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 708 p. (in Russian)
  • Introduction into Gender Studies. Part 2. A Reader. Kharkiv: KCGS, Zherebkin, S. ed. (2001), Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 991 p. (in Russian)
  • Introduction into Gender Studies. Part 3. Sillabi of North American and West European Universities. Kharkiv: KCGS, Zherebkin, S. ed. (2001), 412 p. (in Russian)
  • Pushkareva, N. (editor-in-chief); Muravieva, M.; Novikova, N., eds. (2008) Gender Equity in Russia: Materials of International Conference on Occasion of the Centennial of the First Russian Womens Congress of 1908 (March, 21-23, 2008). Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 320 p.
  • Pushkareva, Natalia (2008): Gender Theory and Historical Knowledge. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 496 p.
  • Bird, Sharon; Zherebkin, Sergey. eds. (2008) Pleasure of Being a Man. Western Theories of Masculinity and post-Soviet Practices. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 296 p.
  • Brandt, Galina (2007) Philosophical Anthropology of Feminism. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 154 p.
  • Zherebkina, Irina (2007) Subjectivity and Gender. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 304 p.
  • Yukina, Irina (2007) Russian Feminism. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 511 p., series: Feminist Collection
  • Repina, L. ed. (2007) Gender and Society in History. Sankt Petersburg: Aletheia, 694 p.
  • Hodyreva, Natalia (2006) Contemporary Debates on Prostitution. Gender Approach. 276 p.
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